Smart way of Learning. Learn it (on) your way!

Idea Creation

Memory-Path was developed as an idea by Hannes Stelzer. Together with Fridolin Katz they submitted the idea to the worldwide hackathon "DigiEduHack". The hackathon team reached the third place in Germany. The jury's main criteria were: Practicability, comprehensibility, international applicability and scalability. Many thanks to all supporters.
Memory Team

State of the art

Currently, the German Academic Exchange Service e. V. (DAAD) is funding the creation of our MVP product. We are part of the Data Science chair at Leuphana. At the time of the funding project is to be developed from the current university project of Leuphana. The collaboration with high-quality partners, such as Das Hochschulforum Digitalisierung (HFD) and the German Academic Exchange Service e. V. (DAAD) as well as the Leuphana University of Lüneburg should continue to be expanded. We are open to cooperation discussions at any time.
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Next Steps

The vision of Memory-Path is to enable a healthier and brain-friendly way of learning. This includes the smart combination of learning techniques, health-promoting activities and state-of-the-art technological implementation. In general, we encourage the self-efficacy of our users and develop our software as an open source solution. Everyone is allowed to contribute and thus do something good for the education system. We also strive for a
non-profit status. So that the focus is always on education.
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The Benefits Are Clear

Learn faster, heathier and more easy

Why it works!

Memory-Path uses the proven loci technique of the Greeks. Long-term memorization through visual and geographical memory. Through the modern implementation as a cross Device -App we enable a new Learning Expereience for you. Sharing makes it easier to learn with friends not isolated like in corona.
The techniquw is very powerful . The the learning content becomes part of a geographic structure through the waypoints, that makes is easier to learn for your memory.
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learn faster with the proven ancient learning technique (loci)
memorize longer: By using visual and geographic memory
healthiness: by learning with movement in the fresh air
variety: outdoor learning with a learning technique offers you a great variation
Learn Easier: The information become part of a natural geographical structure
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