short introduction

How Memory-Path works

The loci method

The method of loci (loci being Latin for "places") is a strategy of memory enhancement which uses visualizations of familiar spatial environments in order to enhance the recall of information. The method of loci is also known as the memory journey, memory palace, or mind palace technique.

Our application

Modern technology allows us to adapt, update and enhance this method, creating a learning environment, which allows users to visualize and expand their mind palace or memory palace in order to help them memorize information.


The users can create their own paths and mark points of interest. They can choose pictures for their path from the street view function of google maps or use their own.They can add their own questions and answers or scan and upload their study material.


The users are allowed to save and share the paths he has created, as well as gain access to paths created by the community. They can search for the subject they are interested in and adapt existing paths to their needs.

Healthy & outdoor

The app motivates to go out and move around with friends through gamification and challenging. By creating familiar routes (paths), you can walk everyday routes that you might otherwise drive by car and even learn vocabulary and math formulas. This not only protects the environment but also keeps you fit and healthy. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate the app into your jogging routine. So that you can exercise and learn at the same time.


Try Our Mock Up

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