Memory-Path Advantages

A new learning experience through the clever combination of brain-friendly memory techniques and health-promoting aspects.

learn faster

We use a proven ancient learning technique (loci). This allows you to learn more in less time.

memorize longer:

By using visual and geographic memory, you can retain knowledge longer.


By learning with movement in the fresh air you do something good for your body and brain.

learning context

The learning contents become part of a geographical structure, which can be easily learned with our geographical memory.

learn community

Through many functions, you can now also learn more easily with friends and is much more fun.


outdoor learning with a learning technique offers you a great change from isolated learning at home.
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Learn it (on) your way

How-To: Faster & Healthier Learning

May the path with you!

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You can create "learning paths" that include geographic points. By incorporating geographic memory (loci technique) and by exercising in the fresh air.

Create a Memory-Path

To create, you only need two things:
1) Save a photo + GPS of a location
2)Add learning content

Photo + GPS Pin

Take a photo from a place and save GPS
Take a photo from a place that is easy for you to remember and save the location of that place in our app.

Learning Content

Save Learning Content via Text or Picture
Save learning content in the form of questions and answers about the place or picture. You can choose to enter text or take a picture of your content.

Start to learn

You will never forget it
Thanks to the proven loci technique and the use of visual and geographic memory, the learner can retain the material longer.
Share your Path and learn with friends

Share your Path and learn with friends

Learn together
Learning together is still the best and most fun, especially when the weather is nice outside.
See the App
Memory-Path uses the proven loci technique of the Greeks. This enables long-term memorization through visual and geographical memory. Through the modern implementation as a cross Device -App we enable a new Learning Experience for you. Sharing makes it easier to learn with friends not isolated like in corona. The technique is very powerful. The learning content becomes part of a geographic structure, that makes is easier to learn for your memory.
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