Marketing reinforcement for Outdoor Learning App

Memory Path (Leuphana startup) is looking for a student assistant in the field of marketing.

Description Marketing Activities
We are looking for a person who is well versed with social media platforms like (Instagram, Twitter and FB). We follow an inbound marketing strategy. You should be able to write blog articles and social media posts. Cool if you are familiar with the digital marketing mix. Ideally, you have already run campaigns or are confident to do so in the future, the same goes for other marketing like crowd-funding campaigns and Adwords or Facebook campaigns would be an advantage.

The second person should ideally have an affinity for marketing and be able to co-write funding applications. There we need strong texting skills in German. (English would be an advantage)

Our marketing activities should be very lean and automated, so that the marketing activities remain flexible and manageable. For this purpose, we want to create and publish knowledge about the Loci method and efficient learning according to the inbound marketing approach. This will enable interested people to find us more quickly.



Description Memory-Path
Memory-Path creates a mobile learning environment that encourages users to learn in the fresh air with movement. Our project optimises the process of learning in a simple and enjoyable way. Users saving time, stress and effort. They can create "learning paths" that contain user-defined "memory points". These correspond to a specific location in reality and are linked to learning content in the form of flashcards (question and answer). Due to the proven loci technique, the learner can retain the material longer. Since the idea only requires a smartphone, most learners have access to this new learning method. The idea offers a change from digital teaching. The synergies of learning with movement in the fresh air, the increase in efficiency through the loci technique,

What we offer:

We offer an intrinsically motivated environment and an ethical and sustainable project. We are very agile and use current tools from the startup scene. We offer a start environment. You will get to know modern working methods. Later, this will help you in various areas of life. Our employees are trained in Design Thinking and Scrum. These are current frameworks for creativity and efficient work. We work primarily remotely and offer you a great deal of freedom in terms of working hours.



We are searching for Digital Marketing Skill and and the second job is for person who deals with Applications for fundings

email to

  1. tell us something about yourself and
  2. your experience in marketing.
  3. What will/can you do as a Marketing - SHK?


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